Robb Gossen - June 9, 2024

No Unspent Arrows

n the sermon "No Unspent Arrows" by Pastor Robb, the story of King Jehoash and Elisha is explored to highlight the importance of full commitment to God's plan, even when it seems strange. Pastor Robb emphasizes learning impactful truths from Old Testament stories, despite their strangeness. Jehoash's partial commitment to shooting arrows symbolizes the need for full dedication to God's mission, as seen through Elisha's unwavering commitment. Listeners are encouraged to give everything they have for God's glory by fully utilizing their gifts and resources to fulfill His purposes completely.

Scripture References: 2 Kings 13:10-20

From Series: "Strange But True"

A look at some of the stranger stories in the Old Testament and the powerful truths they still speak today.

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