Sunday - 10AM Worship Service

2021 Washington County Missions Trip

July 18 - July 24, 2021

If you are intersted in joining us this year there will be an informational meeting this Sunday at 11:30.  If you can't make it and would like more information please email jean@stroudwater.org .


You don’t have to travel to foreign lands to find people who need help. Right here in Maine thousands struggle to make ends meet. And so we designed a ministry that could address a small portion of that need.

Princeton, Maine is located Washington county, one of the poorest counties in the country. Here the average family income is $32,000.00 and many homes are in a general state of dis-repair.

Every summer(3rd week in July) we send a team of 20-40 people to the town for one week. During this week several home projects, that are selected by a local church, are worked on. The projects involve putting metal roofs on trailers, interior sheet rocking, bathroom installations, exterior painting , and yard work.

The FOOD PANTRY also brings several tons of food items to distribute. In just a few hours over 120 families receive groceries enough to feed their families for months. Along with the food, Children’s books are given away and sneakers!

There is also a youth component to the trip. A mini-camp is run at the school involving basketball, and other games for the kids. Meals are also served as many children suffer food insecurity during the summer when the school feeding program is shut down.

Each night the team gathers in an old chapel at the Big Lake Camp Ground to hear a message from various speakers, and to worship the LORD.

If you were looking for a mission close to home, that perhaps your entire family could engage in, look no futher. Join us for a week of Local Missions Outreach this summer in Princeton, Maine. Contact the office at 772-2193 for details.