Children's Ministry


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service

The chldren's Ministry of Stroudwater Christian Church

Nursery: (Birth – Two)

The nursery at Stroudwater is a safe environment for infants and toddlers ages birth to potty trained. Our paid staff work hard to provide a nurturing environment that engages children at their level of development. The staff and volunteers in our nursery have been chosen for this age group because of their love for infants and toddlers and their training to care for all of the needs of your child. The nursery is housed in its own room. We have taken special care to make sure that the environment is safe, clean, and welcoming.

When you drop your child off at the Nursary room, be sure to let the them know any information about feeding, napping, or diapering that will help us more effectively care for your child.

A few things to remember:

  • Please bring diapers, bottles, and pacifiers.
  • Please bring any special blankets that will soothe your child through the morning.
  • Please be sure to label all items that belong to your child.
  • In the Classroom:

    We know that young children are obtaining knowledge and growing in wonderful ways. Every Sunday, we take advantage of this unique opportunity to introduce them to God and the love He has for them.

    Nothing is more important for your children than to begin to figure out who God is. We want them to know God as their Creator, their Heavenly Father, and their Friend. With this in mind, we want all preschoolers to master three key truths before they move on.

    The kids are challenged every weekend to trust God, make wise choices, and build lasting friendships. We believe the Bible can be applied to today and is never boring and good leaders always care.

    By the time they graduate 5th grade, these truths will be rooted deep into their hearts:

    1.God made me.

    2.God loves me.

    3.Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

    4.I need to make the wise choice.

    5.I can trust God no matter what.

    6.I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

    For more information please e-mail or call the church office at 207-772-2193