What We Believe


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service

Stroudwater Christian Church Core Beliefs

We believe:

  • That the Bible is the inspired message of God to mankind.
  • That God is a Spirit, existing in the person of the Father, revealed to man in the person of Jesus, and resident in believers in the person of the Holy Spirit.
  • That all people sin by nature and by choice.
  • That the consequence of unforgiven sin is death and destruction in Hell, eternal in effect but not in process.
  • That God willingly forgives the sinner who will accept the death of Jesus as the punishment for sin.
  • That Jesus arose bodily from death and ascended into Heaven.
  • That Jesus will return bodily to Earth to receive His Church.
  • That all will be raised bodily and spiritually from death.
  • That all must stand before God to be judged.
  • That all believers of all time will be joined with Jesus Christ eternally in the ultimate Kingdom of God.
  • That the chief purpose of the Church is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to urge people to receive it.
  • That normal and appropriate response to faith in Jesus Christ promotes godly living.